Still taking care of the cows' health

The veterinary feldsher Artis Brālēns and his command in the Latvia market operate already from 1998 year. The company specialized in domestic animals (especially cows) nails trimming, also determine nails infection disease and treatment. They offer our services both in small herds and also in very large farms.
Over the years, company accumulated a lot of experience and also knowledge are complemented out of Latvia territory, for example, specializing in Denmark. This year the exchange of experience gained in "Nail Cutter World Conference" in England. Artis Brālēns and his team serves the Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and also Russian markets.

Why for cows are so necessary regular nail trimming and care?

Any infection, infectious disease causes further consequences that may end even lethal. Nail disease directly affects the cow's overall health and productivity. If the nails are damaged, diseased and overgrown, cows eat worse and give less milk.

Also in this case cows reluctantly gets up, so have a larger possibility to fall ill with mastitis. First, regular nail trimming animal released from the pain caused by overgrown nails. Secondly, by improving animal well-being, increase milk production and reproductive performance. Even a thin round nail clipping stimulates new and healthy nail growth. As well as nail trimming for the new nail has a better grip with the foundation, which animal lead to a sense of stability.

What may be a sign that the cows have already encountered problems and the nail treatment and care is a urgent necessary?

The main signs that a cow inflamed nails are lameness and difficulty moving, as well as restlessness during milking. Cows who suffering from leg illness, tries to hold the leg to one side to relieve the pains. Often, nail diseases are detected late, because the signs can be difficult to spot and mild.

What is the best solution and prevention?

It is important to do timely preventive check-ups, as a specialist, inspecting the herd can assess the situation and notice the first symptoms of the disease. Nail maintenance to cows need to do at least twice a year, but we recommend do it even more often - 3 times a year - for prevention, because it excludes risk of disease and significantly reduced the cost of treatment.

How does the process of nail clippers?

Nail cutting takes in specially designed nail clippers box (we have upgraded hydraulic system), in which the animals are placed a friendly and safe. Box can use for also pregnant heifers, excluding abortion risk. With such equipment animal leg is fixed, so the specialist can concentrate to the investigation and nail trimming.

How much professional is your team?

Given that nail cutting is responsible work, which to be carried out by trained nail cutters, our employees have the necessary knowledge and work experience. The company employs 10 professional nail cutters. Our saving grace is that we are working operatively, according to the owner's wishes. We feel the responsibility for the quality of our work. For us is important, that after care of nails in stress influence cows do not appear some complications or infections. In this case, very much looking forward feedback from the host side - welcome to call us, and not to be afraid to entrust the situation to specialists, we will come and help!

When would be best time to make nails maintenance?

Usually more activity and interest is in the spring, but we want to remind you that nail cutting can be done at any time of year, as winter can do the same thing like during the warm season.

Therefore, we invite people also at cold period contact with us and timely make animals nails maintenance! We will arrive at your farm and help both - preventive and also in cases of diseases!

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